DJ Divi

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Elson “Divi” Divinagracia was born and raised in Chicago and has been involved with event planning and management since his teenage years. Elson’s musical career began by gaining invaluable DJ experience at house parties and smaller events. He then moved onto the college scene at one of the top party schools, The University of Iowa, while pursuing his degree in Engineering.  After college, Elson moved to Miami where he continued his love for music and DJing by playing at various events throughout Miami and South Beach as well as events for the Florida Panthers and The Miami Marathon.

Elson eventually found his way back home to Chicago and now specialized in corporate and private events, while at the same time quickly breaking through the nightclub scene.
Elson’s musical versatility allows him to rock any crowd at any venue. Whether it is an elegant wedding, a high school graduation, a rooftop pool party, or a bumping nightclub,  DJ Divi always gets the crowd going.