DJ Zel

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Dj Zel has always had a profound love for music, a born and raised Filipina from the suburbs of
Chicago. From a young age she was never without music. From jamming out to Whitney
Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, having various posters from “Word Up”
magazine up on her wall, and joining various dance groups, she loved to showcase her love for
music. She grew up influenced by many genres and artists but was specifically drawn to the
B96 Mixmasters and was heavily influenced in the genre of Hip­Hop and R&B.

In 2010, she began looking for an outlet to express herself artistically since she had stopped
dancing after college. Leo a close friend offered her a new outlet and taught her the
fundamentals of DJ’ing. What started as an outlet quickly became her main focus and passion.
Not only was it an adrenaline rush to be able to creatively try new things with different types of
music but seeing how people reacted is what drove her to continue on to learn more.

Currently, she is making her way thru large scale venues, bars, and events throughout Chicago
and is gaining recognition in her career during her high energy sets and is making it known that

she loves to show everyone a good time.

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music”